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Luxury goods, What is HR recruitment cycle? 

There’s more to recruiting than what meets the eye. The job is extensive and tedious hence the need for earlier preparation. The HR department undertakes this task diligently in every organization. The availability of the hr recruitment life cycle offers guidelines to follow during this process. The cycle comprises a set of phases that professionals must follow to ensure they only pick highly motivated people for the job.

Defining The Need.

The first step of the recruitment life cycle is identifying and defining the need for recruitment. A meeting has to occur between the person in charge of recruiting and the client, the potential employer. The matters discussed here are vital as the recruiters use the information as guidelines for the subsequent process. Employers must lay out all their needs and expectations. Additionally, they should enlighten the recruiter more about the vacant positions. Come up with a list of requirements based on education, experience, remuneration, skill, and flexibility to meet the needs if necessary. Lastly, the time allocation set aside for the entire task is essential.


Sourcing in the recruitment life cycle refers to looking for the right candidates for the available posts. Different approaches can work when handling this task. The job seekers world has different types of candidates; some are actively looking for jobs while others are on the verge of giving up. There is no way to ascertain who fits the position at hand until you bring all of them on board. The recruiter needs to use a method that can attract both active and passive candidates. The more the numbers, the higher the chance of getting the best team for the employers. Unfortunately, some of those who apply never respond or lose interest in the process. Working with a more significant number eliminates the risk of going back and forth.


If the method employed was successful, the recruiter will have tons of resumes from interested applicants. The recruiter has to screen all the available applications. The process is tedious and also timely. The assistance of two or more recruiters, though, can help shorten the procedure. There are four vital tips to help make the evaluation task more efficient. These include urgency, profile, motivation, and time frame. While one candidate may be ready to start immediately, another would want a month to prepare. It is necessary to work with a candidate who meets all the employer’s requirements upfront. The last factor, motivation, shows if the candidate is goal-oriented. Their CV must shed more light on why they’re the best person for the task.


Through scrutinizing the resume, the recruiter must come up with a shortlist of all the suitable candidates. The next step is the interviewing process. There are two paths to follow, depending on the needs of the employer. It could be an initial telephone interview to ascertain the candidate’s availability, followed by face-to-face assessments. The physical meeting is a crucial part of the entire cycle. The interviewer must employ relevant questions for them to get the correct information. The interviews are private, and both parties get to know more about each other. The setup must be clear of any distractions or outside interruptions. At the end of it, the interviewer will shortlist all the qualified candidates, call and inform them of the job offer.

The HR recruitment process bases its tactics on confidentiality and strategic planning. The recruiter needs to have a set of guidelines they will follow, as stated above. Each step is critical as it determines the efficiency of the whole process. Through it, employers manage to get the best professionals fit for the openings within their companies.

Olivier Isaac Safir
Olivier Isaac Safir
As Senior Partner of one of the world’s top Life Sciences headhunting firms, Olivier Isaac SAFIR's Blue Ocean Recruiting specializes in placing top quality executive talent for companies who are searching for C-Suite talent in the Luxury industries.