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Is A Tooth whitening Treatment Safe?

Generally, a teeth whitening treatment is safe as long as it is done by a licensed Dentist Philadelphia. You see, despite having all of your permanent teeth intact, you can still feel insecure about your smile if your teeth are severely discolored or stained. Yellow-stained teeth can ruin a beautiful smile, which is why teeth whitening products are teeming in both online and offline stores. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to whiten your teeth we highly encourage you to invest in an in-office teeth whitening treatment. Yes, it is indeed tempting to buy DIY teeth whitening kits in pharmacies and grocery stores since they are cheaper but beware because many of these products are not approved by the FDA and besides, they are not as effective compared to professional treatment, so why make the risk? Let’s learn more.

Why Are Your Teeth Yellow?

There are two types of teeth discoloration – extrinsic and intrinsic. Smoking cigarettes and consuming dark colored food and drinks can cause extrinsic discoloration. Examples of these include coffee, red wine and tea. Remember that your teeth are porous and they absorb whatever you put inside your mouth. Extrinsic discoloration refers to the staining of the outside surfaces of your teeth. This type of discoloration can be corrected by using specially formulated whitening toothpastes. Meanwhile, intrinsic discoloration is the staining inside your tooth. This can be caused by tooth trauma, illness, aging or infection. This type of discoloration cannot be corrected by using toothpastes alone. When it comes to intrinsic staining, you’ll need the help of a dentist to achieve your desired whiteness.

Although you can have the option to whiten your teeth at home thinking that you can successfully do it by following YouTube tutorials, the risk of harming your mouth is very high. Besides the fact that you may not get the exact dosage of the whitening solution right, you may also struggle with the application. When the trays are not installed right it can damage your teeth and gums and you may not be able to achieve uniform whiteness.

How Does Your Dentist Whiten Your Teeth?

There are various methods to whiten your teeth. Basically, your dental health professional will bleach your teeth using carbamide peroxide. Carbamide peroxide will then break down into urea and hydrogen peroxide. This chemical reaction will result to the whitening of your teeth and don’t worry it is 100% safe.

The one thing people love about having their teeth whitened in the office is that it’s very quick and the effects last much longer. The entire treatment can last up to an hour and may require a couple of visits until you achieve the whiteness you want. However, most patients say that one session is already enough. The reason why the effects of the bleach last a long time is because your dentist knows the exact concentration of the hydrogen peroxide to apply to your teeth. You can also expect your dentist to apply a light on the whitening product. This can help expedite the whitening process.

Your dentist may also suggest an at-home treatment. This is not the same as DIY treatment. In this procedure, your dentist will provide you with customized trays that perfectly fit your mouth to ensure uniformity in whiteness. You will be instructed on how to apply the gel and let it stay in your mouth for at least 30 minutes to an hour for several weeks. This is also a safe method of whitening your teeth.


Even if you have your teeth professionally whitened you should also try to avoid consuming food and drinks that stain your teeth. In a nutshell, it is strongly discouraged to try to whiten your teeth by yourself. If you want to protect your teeth and gums book an appointment with your dentist.

Dr. Gerald Regni
Dr. Gerald Regni
Dr Gerald Regni, DMD, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He does general and cosmetic dentistry, but has a special interest and focus in biological and holistic dentistry. He can be contacted at:

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