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Dog behavior, Bad Habits to Change

Do you know why dog trainers exist? If you own a dog and you can’t control your dog’s bad behavior you’ll be happy to know that you can hire a dog trainer to help you. A dog trainer is someone who belongs to the service industry and works with dog owners. Contrary to popular belief, dog trainers not only work with dogs but they work with you as well. Your dog trainer isn’t going to be there forever so these trainers will show you tips and tricks on how to teach your dog to respond well to commands and to get them to do tasks that you want them to, tasks that do not come naturally to dogs. What exactly do dog trainers do? Well, they provide private lessons and classes for dog owners and guardians. The success of the program will depend on your cooperation with the program.

Part of the program is to teach you about basic dog obedience training or if you want a more advanced training you can sign up for special activities like law enforcement, hunting, search and rescue, entertainment, protection and detection, dog sports, therapy and working with livestock. Individualized training is often used when dogs exhibit fear, inappropriate elimination, aggression, insecurity, biting, destructive behaviors and hyperactivity. Let’s find out what bad habits your dog has and how to change them ASAP.

Chewing On Inappropriate Items

Chewing is normal and it’s understandable if your dog chews a lot. In fact, it’s encourage and expected of them. It’s also a good outlet for your dog so that it can release its bottled up energy. Chewing is also a good way to keep their teeth in excellent shape. However, if your dog chews on inappropriate objects like furniture legs or your shoes, you have to draw a line. To deter your dog from chewing we suggest you provide your dog with chew toys to keep your dog distracted. You can also reward your dog if it chews on a chew toy instead of your shoes.


Dogs have the tendency to repeat an action if they are rewarded for it. Therefore, if your dog is always begging then it was because you caved in to their puppy dog eyes at one point. To stop their begging behavior you should be consistent when you say no to your dog. If they try to ask for food while you’re eating at the dining table or while you’re snacking, control the urge to give them food because if you give in you are encouraging your dog to become a beggar and that is something you don’t want to happen. When you are consistent, your dog will eventually understand that begging is considered bad behavior. It also helps to train your dog to lie down in its crate or bed during your meal or snack time. To help reinforce this training you can give your dog a chew toy to keep your dog busy while you enjoy your meal.


It can be frustrating on your part if your dog has developed a habit of digging. Although it’s normal for them, it can be a nuisance for you. There are plenty of reasons why dogs dig. It could be because your dog wants to find a comfortable and cool spot in the middle of a scorching summer or your dog is looking for food or to find prey, whatever the reason, you should control this digging behavior. In order to do that you must first find out the reason why your dog digs. If your dog is digging to keep cool, you can offer a cool place for your dog to lay. Some dogs can’t help themselves and they can’t control their digging. In such case, you can provide a special place in the backyard to let your dog dig freely like a sandbox. Again, if your dog follows your instructions reward it with a treat to reinforce good behavior.


There are plenty of tricks you can teach your dog and there are a lot of strategies and techniques to help stop bad dog behavior. If you don’t get good results through your own research, you can hire professional dog trainers to assist you.

Nick White
Nick White
Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.