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Month: July 2022

Important RV Park & Campground Tips For First Timers

It can be intimidating to go on an RV camping trip like at Beach RV Park, Richland for the first time because you don’t know what to expect. There is no need to stress too much because things will go well, provided you keep the following tips in mind. Your camping trip is going to be amazing and you will be looking forward to the next one. There are some common mistakes you will make in the process; everyone has been through that. Some things you have to learn through trial and error. You are going to get better with time and you are going to get more confident.

Avoid getting poop on yourself

If your rig has a toilet, then you have to dump the waste at some point. When opening the compartment on the side to connect the hose to a dump, always make sure you have closed the dump valves. You need to keep this in mind even if you don’t know what we are talking about. There are many people who have gotten poop on their shoes and even clothes because they did not close the latches. Take your time to learn how to do this properly so you can be confident doing it.

Always have a toolkit with you

There are a lot of problems that are hard to anticipate, like the sideway mirror getting loose and making it hard to change lanes as you drive. Such problems are common and fixing them doesn’t take that much skill and time. Be ready for such issues so you don’t have to rely on finding someone on the road to help you with a wrench to deal with the problem. Always have a toolkit when you go camping. There are some common things you need in the toolkit. Some of them include hex wrenches, scissors, duct tape, zip ties, and rubber ties.

Have enough cookware

If you rent an RV and it comes with a stove and kitchen tools, then you need to ensure it has everything you are going to need. The RV needs kitchenware like pans, silverware, cutting boards, and cutting boards. Make sure the knives are sharp enough. You need to have the right cookware during your trip because it can easily make it unpleasant. Take your time and see what the truck has and what is missing, especially the things you use the most in your kitchen.

Using leveling block

Stackable leveling blocks are good when going camping because you can use them to level the parking spot. Before you go on your trip, buy a set from the local store. A level is going to help you determine whether the RV is flat or not. The blocks will help you balance everything. When you don’t use leveling blocks, you are going to notice a difference. There are some who claimed the fridge stopped working because it relies on gravity to cool and works when the RV is level.

Get to the campsite before dark

Plan your trip well to avoid parking when it is dark. You need to see your surroundings when you get there. It is hard to know if you have parked safely when it is dark. The last thing you want is waking up and not being able to recognize your surroundings.

Going camping is a great experience that you will enjoy, especially if you keep the above tips in mind. Wake up early and watch the sunrise because it will make your trip even better. You can go back and take a nap. Your first time doesn’t have to be a nightmare when there is a lot to enjoy.