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Month: September 2018

Should I Loan Money to A Friend? Why or Why Not?

Many individuals find themselves in an awkward situation when their friend asks them for money. This type of situation can certainly make anyone feel a little bit uncomfortable as it is often recommended not to get involved in matters of money with friends. It is true that there have been many incidences where friendships have gone sour due to money. When someone is turned down for bad credit loans, they may not be a great risk. On the other hand, there are also lots of cases where friends have been able to lend money to each other in a fair and respectful manner. Thus, if you’re considering whether or not to loan money to a friend, here’s what you should consider.


The most important thing that should be considered is your relationship with your friend. Generally, the closer you are with a person, the higher the likelihood that you can succeed in lending them money without any kind of negative repercussions. If someone is more like an acquaintance than a friend, then it is far more likely that loaning them money could lead to problems down the line. The fundamental reasoning behind this is the fact that you can make a judgment call on their reliable, personality and principles.

If you have a close friend that you have known for decades and has proven to you to be loyal and trustworthy, then it may be possible to loan them money without any problems. The end goal is to be able to have a situation where even if the person isn’t able to repay to loan, you can still work things out with them in a harmonious manner. This leads into the second factor that must be taken into consideration, which is when loaning money to friends, don’t expect to get it back, unless you have some good skills at getting them to pay you back.

Any money that is loaned to friends should be seen more as a gift rather than a loan. Because of this, any money that’s loaned should have no expectation of being repaid back. By having this expectation, there will be no nasty surprises in the case that money is actually given to the friend. If money is expected to be paid back, there is a very high chance that the friendship may turn sour over the loan. This is because the friend, if they are unable to pay, may start avoiding the friend that loaned them the money as they know that they will be asked to repay the money. In this type of situation, things can become quite nasty and sanctimonious very quickly, which can quickly spell the end of a friendship.

When it comes to lending money to a friend, a tremendous amount of trust is required in order for the transaction to work out smoothly. Hence, the first thing that should be followed is that only the closest and most loyal friends should be considered to be loaned money. Second of all, any money that is loaned should not have any expectation of being paid back, rather it should be seen as a gift. By combining these two factors, anyone will be able to mitigate the risks of a friendship ending due to money problems.